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Old House Lights is closed and for sale.  Inventory or inventory and domain.  The principle had passed on.

Old House Lights will be closed until this notice is removed. Any payments made will be refunded minus the Paypal charges, so don't do it. I will not have access to the stored inventory.  This will not be an ideal way to run this business, so if anyone is looking for a good hobby business to get into please send an e-mail.

Welcome to Old House Lights. We offer restored, ready to hang, antique light fixtures.  We currently have over 2000 antique lighting items displayed on this site.

Antique Victorian Light FixturesAntique Mission Light FixturesAntique Gas Type Light FixturesAntique Art Deco Light Fixtures

Victorian Antique Lights,Mission Antique Lights,Gas Type Antique Lights,Art Deco Antique Lights

Antique Victorian Pendent Light FixturesAntique Pan Light FixturesAntique Center Post FixtureAntique 3 Chain Shades

Pendent Antique Lights,      Pan Antique Lights,       Center Post Antique Lights,        3 Chain Antique Lights


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