1920's Ultra General Electric Antique Lighting Catalog

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Below are images of an antique lighting catalog titled "Ultra Light Fixtures" from Genreal Electric Supply Corporation.  It is undated.  I would estimate that it dates from the late 1920's based on the content.  So it is now an Antique Lighting Catalog.  If you click on each photo a much larger image of each page will load.  These images are about 300k each. 

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page18_thumb_ultra.JPG (123969 bytes) page20_thumb_ultra.JPG (105694 bytes)

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page26_thumb_ultra.JPG (111803 bytes) page28_thumb_ultra.JPG (117807 bytes)

page30_thumb_ultra.JPG (111000 bytes) page32_thumb_ultra.JPG (119116 bytes)

page34_thumb_ultra.JPG (118887 bytes) page36_thumb_ultra.JPG (119770 bytes)

page38_thumb_ultra.JPG (131884 bytes) page40_thumb_ultra.JPG (116699 bytes)

page42_thumb_ultra.JPG (110300 bytes) page44_thumb_ultra.JPG (105479 bytes)

page46_thumb_ultra.JPG (111659 bytes) page48_thumb_ultra.JPG (117498 bytes)

page50_thumb_ultra.JPG (113916 bytes) page52_thumb_ultra.JPG (115296 bytes)

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