1940 New England Electrical Supply Co. Antique Lighting Catalog

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Below are images of a New England Electrical Supply Co. Catalog for May - June 1940.  So it is now an Antique Lighting Catalog.  If you click on each photo a much larger image of each page will load.  These images are about 300k each. 


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page41_thumb_newengland40.JPG (51137 bytes) page42_thumb_newengland40.JPG (56034 bytes)

page43_thumb_newengland40.JPG (49238 bytes) page44_thumb_newengland40.JPG (41726 bytes)

page45_thumb_newengland40.JPG (59096 bytes) page46_thumb_newengland40.JPG (52773 bytes)

page47_thumb_newengland40.JPG (55223 bytes) page48_thumb_newengland40.JPG (45943 bytes)

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page53_thumb_newengland40.JPG (55049 bytes) page54_thumb_newengland40.JPG (51588 bytes)

page55_thumb_newengland40.JPG (52609 bytes) page56_thumb_newengland40.JPG (54696 bytes)

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