Gas Type Light Fixtures

Over 500 restored, ready to hang, antique light fixtures at Old House Lights

Here all thumbnail photos of the fixtures in the Gas Type catagory.   You can click on the photo to go to that item's page.  To return to this page click "back" on your browser. 

  gas_type_3_drop_007_thumb.JPG (4619 bytes)      
Antique Gas Type 2 Arm Light Fixture 001  
gas_type_2_drop_004_thumb.JPG (2927 bytes)  
$350  $290

gas_type_2_drop_006_thumb.JPG (4846 bytes)

gas_type_2_drop_007_thumb.JPG (4846 bytes)

gas_type_2_drop_010_thumb.JPG (5406 bytes)
$375 $375


gas_type_1_drop_001_thumb.JPG (7288 bytes)

gas_type_sconce_001_thumb.JPG (5632 bytes) gas_type_sconce_002_thumb.JPG (5658 bytes)      
$150 $150      


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