Antique Lighting Catalogs

As I acquire old lighting catalogs I will display them as reference material.  You may find these valuable if you are restoring antique lights in an old house.  If you click on the image of a lighting catalog's cover you can view that lighting catalog.  Small images of each page of the antique lights catalog will all be displayed in this frame.  Each image links to a larger image of that antique lighting catalog page.  You will also find links to each antique lighting catalog large page image on the left. 

cover_thumb_sears20.JPG (59928 bytes) 1910 Sears Lighting Catalog

cover_thumb_wards23.JPG (76143 bytes) 1923 Montgomery Ward & Co. Catalog

cover_thumb_ultra.JPG (37438 bytes) 1920's General Electric Supply Corporation Lighting Catalog

cover_thumb_beller.JPG (61983 bytes) 1927 Beller Electric Supply Company Catalog  (only relevant lighting pages are displayed)

cover_thumb_sears34.JPG (58509 bytes) 1934 Sears Lighting Catalog

Cover thumb.JPG (42896 bytes)1937 Sears Lighting Catalog

cover_thumb_virden.JPG (41472 bytes)1938 Virden Lighting Catalog

cover_thumb_markel.JPG (32305 bytes)1939? Markel Lighting Catalog

cover_thumb_newengland40.JPG (61884 bytes) 1940 New England Electrical Supply Co. Catalog (only relevant lighting pages are displayed)

cover_thumb_virden41.JPG (40801 bytes) 1941 Virden Lighting Catalog


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