Art Deco Antique 3 Chain Light Fixtures

Over 500 restored, ready to hang, antique light fixtures at Old House Lights

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These fixtures are available when purchasing a 3 Chain dish shade.

art_deco_3_chain_fixture_031.JPG (5578 bytes)

Item # E18004

gone to Michigan

art_deco_3_chain_fixture_032.JPG (7979 bytes)

Item # E18003 

gone to WA

art_deco_3_chain_fixture_033.JPG (6160 bytes)

Item # Y21203

gone to PA

art_deco_3_chain_fixture_034.JPG (6160 bytes)

Item # Y21204

gone to TX

art_deco_3_chain_fixture_035.JPG (5857 bytes)

Item # E18005 

gone to Pennsylvania

art_deco_3_chain_fixture_036.JPG (7121 bytes)

Item # E23410

gone to TX

art_deco_3_chain_fixture_037.JPG (8933 bytes)

Item # E23427

gone to Washington

art_deco_3_chain_fixture_038.JPG (6713 bytes)

Item # E23407 

gone to NY

art_deco_3_chain_fixture_039.JPG (9503 bytes)

Item # E23426

gone to KY

art_deco_3_chain_fixture_040.JPG (10048 bytes)

Item # E25605

gone to Alaska

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