Art Deco Antique Dish Shade Center Post Light Fixtures

Over 500 restored, ready to hang, antique light fixtures at Old House Lights

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These fixtures are priced when purchasing a center post dish shade to go with them.

art_deco_center_post_fixture_041.JPG (7606 bytes)

Item # K20102 

Porcelain center post fixture.

$110.00 with shade purchase

$140.00 without a shade purchase

art_deco_center_post_fixture_042.JPG (13186 bytes)

Item # J12701

gone to California

art_deco_center_post_fixture_043.JPG (14079 bytes)

Item # H28303

gone to Canada

art_deco_center_post_fixture_044.JPG (13873 bytes)

Item # H30703


art_deco_center_post_fixture_045.JPG (10154 bytes)

Item # X05700


art_deco_center_post_fixture_046.JPG (16312 bytes)

Item # H28304

porcelain center post fixture.

gone to British Columbia

art_deco_center_post_fixture_047.JPG (8664 bytes)

Item # K20810

gone to Canada

art_deco_center_post_fixture_048.JPG (9445 bytes)

Item # X14804

gone to British Columbia

art_deco_center_post_fixture_049.JPG (6716 bytes)

Item # X21002

gone to British Columbia

art_deco_center_post_fixture_050.JPG (9587 bytes)

Item # X26403 

gone to New Jersey

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