Art Deco Antique Dish Shade Center Post Chandeliers

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art_deco_center_post_set_001.JPG (10222 bytes)

Item # K03301

gone to Tennessee

Antique Art Deco Center Post Light Fixture 002

Item # 419602

5 light center post dish shade chandler. 

Drop 15" to 45"   Spread 16"


art_deco_center_post_set_003.JPG (10533 bytes)

Item # E20306

gone to Rhode Island

Item # M10608

gone to Mississippi

Item # M02802

gone to West Virginia

Item # L31702

3 light center post dish shade chandler. 

Drop 11"   Spread 12"


art_deco_center_post_set_007.JPG (16847 bytes)

Item # 310506

single light center post dish shade chandelier.  Shade and socket cover are clear, frosted. 

Drop 12",  Spread 11"


art_deco_center_post_set_008.JPG (13476 bytes)

Item # 012212

gone to Michigan

art_deco_center_post_set_009.JPG (20889 bytes)

Item # E26702

gone to Connecticut

art_deco_center_post_set_010.JPG (14887 bytes)

Item # F21801

gone to Washington

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