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art_deco_sconces_011_thumb.JPG (7767 bytes)

Item # 925205        $600 for a pair.

Pair of bare bulb deco sconces.   Original finish.


art_deco_sconces_012_thumb.JPG (6627 bytes)

Item # X20302        $180 as shown.

gone to Pennsylvania

art_deco_sconces_013_thumb.JPG (3597 bytes)art_deco_sconces_013_thumb.JPG (3597 bytes)

Item # 624519        $180 as shown.

gone to Minnesota

art_deco_sconces_014_thumb.JPG (4449 bytes)

Item # 428206        $80 as shown. 

gone to France

art_deco_sconces_015_l.JPG (7744 bytes)

Item # F17502        $75 as shown.

gone to Argentina

art_deco_sconces_016_thumb.JPG (10498 bytes)

Item # F18215        $600 for a pair.

Pair of cast deco double candle sconces.   Original finish.


art_deco_sconces_017_thumb.JPG (10498 bytes)

Item # F18216        $600 for a pair.

Pair of cast deco double candle sconces.   Original finish.


art_deco_sconces_018_thumb.JPG (8781 bytes)

Item # F18211        $300 for a pair.

Pair of cast deco candle sconces.   Original finish.


art_deco_sconces_019_thumb.JPG (5442 bytes)

Item # 021508        $90 as shown.

gone to Connecticut

art_deco_sconces_020_l.JPG (9034 bytes)

Item # 428205        $80 as shown.

Porcelain deco sconce.  


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