Antique Light Fixture Chain & Rods

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chain&rod_01_thumb.JPG (7442 bytes)


Set of 3 - 22" brass drop rods with switched socket shadeholders. 

chain&rod_02_thumb.JPG (9212 bytes)


Set of 3 - 17" brass drop rods with switched socket shadeholders.

chain&rod_03_thumb.jpg (7531 bytes)


Set of 3 - 20" brass drop rods.  Can be used from canopy to pan or from pan to shadeholders.

chain&rod_04_thumb.JPG (11309 bytes)


gone to Pennsylvania

chain&rod_05_thumb.JPG (15848 bytes)


Set of 3 - 6" brass drop rods.

chain&rod_06_thumb.JPG (14990 bytes)


Set of 3 - 5" brass drop rods.

chain&rod_07_thumb.JPG (5541 bytes)


Repro. brass chain from twisted stock.  Each link is 1 1/2". 

chain&rod_08_thumb.JPG (5298 bytes)


Repro. brass chain with a pattern.  Each link is 2". 

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