How to size antique light fixtures to a room

How to measure

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The chart shows how far the bottom of the fixture should be from the ceiling, hence, the floor. This is a guide, not a rule. I’ve seen fixtures on an 8 foot ceiling hung down to the 6’ 4" level appear perfectly proportioned to the room. On the other hand, if one of the occupants is 6’ 6", you wouldn’t drop a fixture down to a 6’ 4" level.



HEIGHT         DROP               FROM FLOOR          TABLE DROP

8’                      17 "                      6’7"                          38"

9’                      24"                       7’                             41"

10’                    28"                      7’8"                          44"

11’                    32"                      8’4"                          47"

12’                    36"                      9’                             50"

13’                    40"                     9’8"                          53"

14’                    44"                   10’4"                          56"

(Fixture diameter should be minimum of 12" narrower than the table.)

Many of our chainhung chandeliers and pendants use standard chain. In these cases, we provide them with enough wiring to add 30" over their minimum drop. This allows proportional placement of the fixture on up to 14’ ceilings, saving our customers, the cost of customizing (usually two round trips to an inconveniently located light repair shop and a $50.00 bill). With a little extra effort, we can usually reduce or extend the minimum and maximum respectively by an inch or two. Contact us if this is required.

Some of these fixtures have unique hanging arrangements, such as an unusual original chain, that do not allow extending the drop beyond the maximum listed in the description.



Customizing can be provided if additional length beyond described maximum is required. A two-story entryway or high ceiling, over a table come to mind. In these cases rewiring and extra chain is required. Contact us for a quote on such work. (Usually $30. to $60.)



Antique rod-hung chandeliers are offered in the configuration "as found". Any changes in the drop length of a rod-hung chandelier, requires custom work. Some can be as simple as cutting a pipe and tube, and reassembling, while others require total replacement of the rod components. Contact us for quotes on specific fixtures since the procedure changes with each.


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