Pan Configuration Example #8

Pan, Suspended by Rod from a Canopy

    pan_example_08.JPG (24702 bytes)


Starting at the top of this example is a 3 hole canopy flush mounted to the ceiling.  The pan is suspended from the canopy with rods.  The total drop from the ceiling to the top of the pan in this example is approximately 20".  The drop from the canopy to the pan can be adjusted by changing the length of the rod.  Some unique antique rod sets cannot be shortened.  Most unique antique rods can have the total drop increased with the addition of chain links at the top and bottom of the rod. 

This configuration can be applied to all number of drops (2 drop, 3 drop, 4 or more drops). 

To configure this type of fixture you will need to select:

a canopy, a pan,  a set of rods,  type of shade holders (switched or un-switched),  a set of shades,  method and hardware for attaching the shade holders to the pan (see examples 1 - 6 above)


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