At canopy, fixture up all the way.                                                                              At canopy, fixture pulled down 6".


                     Fixture all the way up.  Drop to bottom of handle is 78"                             Fixture pulled down about 10".  It can be configured to pull down to a total of 126".

When configured to work as a pull-down fixture, the electrical wire threads over the white porcelain pulley at the top, down and out the hole above the counterweight pulleys crossbar and then down inside the tube to the fixture body.  The wire would run across the ceiling from a fixed point to a pulley with a pulley hung weight between.  As the fixture is pulled down, the weight would rise toward the ceiling.  As the fixture is pushed up, the weight would take up the slack wire.  A tall case clock weight with a pulley would work for this.

                    View from canopy pulleys down to counter weight.                 Counter weight ball.  The ball is filled with lead shot to adjust the weight.   


Handle on bottom to lower and raise the fixture.  75 crystals.


Brass 2-light pull-down fixture, switched sockets, original finish as found.  Adjustable drop 78" to 126".   The fixture will be configured and wired for your instalation.




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