Victorian Wreath Canopies

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victorian_wreath_canopy_001.JPG (26640 bytes)

Item # Wreathcanopy001

Canopy for a center rod drop. 

victorian_wreath_canopy_002.JPG (26880 bytes)

Item # Wreathcanopy002

4 hole canopy.   Can be fitted with hooks or rings.  The center may take a finial or a 5th drop through a ring pan.

victorian_wreath_canopy_003.JPG (25297 bytes)

Item # Wreathcanopy003

2 hole canopy with rings.

victorian_wreath_canopy_004.JPG (15523 bytes)

Item # Wreathcanopy004

3 hole canopy with rings and tassel finial.

victorian_wreath_canopy_005.JPG (13343 bytes)

Item # Wreathcanopy005

3 hole canopy with rings and tassel finial.

victorian_wreath_canopy_006.JPG (12831 bytes)

Item # Wreathcanopy006

4 hole canopy with rings and tassel finial.

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