Victorian Wreath Pan Sets

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victorian_wreath_set_001.JPG (26908 bytes)

Item #  625614        

12" round set with 3 drop brass pan, 3 hole canopy, 3 double loop shade holder hangers with a single chain link.  Center drop possible if finial is removed.  To complete fixture select drop chain or rods, shade holders and shades.


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Item # 612402    Gone to Virginia

10" round set with 3 drop brass pan w/finial, 3 double loop hangers, 3 shade holders.  Center drop is possible if finial is removed.  If flush mounted this fixture is complete as shown.  It may be suspended from a 3 ring or 3 hook canopy.

victorian_wreath_set_003.JPG (49284 bytes)

Item # 201809

12" round set with 3 drop brass pan, 3 hole canopy, 3 double loop hangers w/one chain link, 3 switched sockets. 

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Item #  701802 

gone to New Hampshire

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Item # 312702


gone to New Hampshire

victorian_wreath_set_006thumb.JPG (19409 bytes)

Item # 625002

18" round 3 drop set with pan and canopy

victorian_wreath_set_007thumb.JPG (19135 bytes)

Item # 312703


gone to New Hampshire

victorian_wreath_set_008thumb.JPG (16449 bytes)

Item # 013310 

gone to CA

victorian_wreath_set_009thumb.JPG (10783 bytes)

Item # A07801 

12" oval pan with 2 bare bulb switched sockets.

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