We do not do appraisals or provide historical information beyond the information published on this site. 

Please do not send photos that have not been reduced in size appropriate for e-mail. 
Before e-mailing photos please read the following short article:
The Right Way to Share Your Digital Photos

E-mail: Greg Lyons at

Phone: 218-834-5399  (central timezone)  If you get the answering machine, please send an e-mail.

Most days you can expect a response to your e-mail inquiry that day.  If I am out of town on a buying trip, a notice to that effect will be posted on the homepage along with an expected response date.  If you do not receive a reply please send a follow-up e-mail or phone me.  I do have spam blocked at my ISP level.  In the past year I have had one legitimate inquiry blocked.

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